3DEM Flyby Animation

These flyby animations are available for download.  For downloading instructions, please send 
an email request with the name of the desired animation to Richard Horne.

Flight Over Nordfjord, Norway
GTOPO30 DEM with Landsat 5 Photo Overlay
(AVI, 2100 KBytes)
Flight over Grand Canyon, Arizona
USGS DEM with Landsat 7 Photo Overlay
( AVI, 3600 KBytes)
Rotation about Old Rag Mountain, Virginia
Showing GPS Surface Track
(AVI, 1100 KBytes)

Animation with Topographic Overlay
(AVI, 2200 KBytes)

Rotation Animation Showing June 3, 2004
Meteor Path Over Washington State
Courtesy of Marco Langbroek & Others
( MPEG, 2600 KBytes)
Flight over Mt. Shasta in Side-By-Side Stereo 3D
USGS DEM with Landsat 5 Photo Overlay
(AVI, 1600 KBytes)

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Flight over Mt. St Helens for Red-Blue Glasses
( MPEG-1, 620 KBytes)
Hang Glider Flight Path Recorded by GPS
Pilot Russ Brown at Inyo Mountains, California
USGS DEM with Landsat 7 Photo Overlay
(AVI, 4900 KBytes)
IGC Glider Flight Path Recording
Pilot E. Drew at Reedsville, Pennsylvania
USGS DEM with Landsat 7 Photo Overlay
(AVI, 6400 KBytes)
Flight Over Pacific Undersea Ridge
( MPEG-1, 1400 KBytes)
Flight Over Mars, Valles Marineris
( MPEG-1, 1700 KBytes)
Flight Over Mars, Olympus Mons
( MPEG-1, 1300 KBytes)

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