Mars, Reull Vallis

This image was created from a Mars Viking Orbiter Digital Topographic Model available at

DTM topographic files at this location are named as "tg00n000.img" or "tg00s000.img" where "00n" or "00s" are degrees latitude (north or south) and "000" is degrees west longitude. Also available here are digital photographic images of the surface named as "mg00n000.img" or "mg00s000.img."

This image was created by 3DEM using the Reull Vallis DTM (tg45S250.img) with texture overlay created from the Reull Vallis photographic image (mg45S250.img).  NASAView, available at, was used to convert the photographic image to a gif file which was then converted into a bitmap for use as a 3DEM texture overlay.

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