3DEM Version 16


3DEM Version 16 introduces automatic DEM file decompression so that any number of USGS DEMs in compressed tar.gz or gz format may be loaded and merged without the separate external step of file decompression.  This means that all USGS DEM files may be loaded and merged in their original downloaded format which saves an enormous amount of work for users assembling a large number of USGS DEMs.

Version 16 also significantly accelerates loading of USGS 7.5 minute DEMs.

Version 16 is new and not necessarily free of bugs.  The purpose of this testing is to eliminate any errors prior to public release.  If you would like to participate in this testing, please download version 16 from the link below.  Download size is 4.7 mbytes.



Please send all problem reports and comments to r.horne@verizon.net


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