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Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization tools are breaking new ground in the way people analyze data. Traditionally, creating a graph or chart is the final step in the process of data analysis. When you use data visualization tools, graphs and charts are created in all steps of data analysis - not just at the end of the process. These tools use illustrations, graphics and other visual techniques to represent sets of data. Data visualization techniques often help make data easier to understand, especially when the database is large or abstract.

Why you should use it

There are data visualization tools for online communities, music, networks and search engines as well as many other types of users. Data visualization tools are available both as desktop applications and as web-based tools, allowing users to visualize data right on the web. These tools are extremely important for anyone analyzing information in any capacity. Users find that data visualization software helps them to process information more efficiently than just searching through columns and rows of endless data.

Who can benefit from it

Employees at all levels benefit from data visualization tools. Whether an entry-level employee is having difficulty with an Excel spreadsheet or a top-level executive is tracking employee performance to determine productivity, these tools incorporate real-time analysis of data, interactive exploration of data, and fast setup of visual design.

How you can fix it

Minimal IT support is needed when utilizing data visualization. Hunches are explored in seconds without any reason to send an information request to IT. Through data visualization tools, employees are empowered to ask and answer questions; even a non-tech savvy user has little trouble with one-click visualizations and drag and drop interfaces. Results are available in seconds at the click of a mouse.

No mater what your role is in your organization, data visualization tools are sure to boost your productivity.

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