Spectrogram Ultrasound Display

The Spectrogram Ultrasound Display is designed for use with ultrasound detectors such as those used to capture high-frequency vocalizations of bats, and communication signals by grasshoppers, rodents or other animals. Ultrasound detectors shift these high frequency sounds down into the audible frequency range and save them as Windows wave file recordings. The Spectrogram Ultrasound Display is used for analysis of these recordings and is scaled so that proper measurements of frequency and time can be made directly from the screen.

More information about Ultrasound Bat Detectors can be found at the websites of the following manufacturers:

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Titley (Australia) - Anabat Bat Detectors

Von Laar (Germany) - Ultrasound Recorders of Many Types

Visit the Bat Conservation Trust for more information about bat echolocation and the use of bat detectors.