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Spectrograms, Spectrographs and Spectrogram Software

Spectrograms, also known as spectral waterfalls, sonograms, voiceprints or voicegrams, are time-varying spectral representations created by spectrographs that show how the spectral density of signals vary with time. They are used primarily to identify phonetic sounds and to analyze the cries of animals, but they are also used in many other fields, such as music, sonar/radar, speech processing and seismology.

Spectrographs separate incoming waves into frequency spectrums. Typically, the data they create is comprised of a graph with two geometric dimensions. The horizontal axis represents time, the vertical axis frequency and a third dimension indicates the amplitude of a particular frequency at a particular time by the intensity or color of each point in the image.

Spectrogram software allows unlimited recording and playback of the sounds from the audio spectrum display and can provide very high resolution spectrum analysis of wave files with a wide choice of frequency bands and frequency resolution and either linear or logarithmic frequency scales. Spectrum data logging capability is also provided. Spectrogram is ideal for any purpose related to sound spectrum analysis including:

  • Analysis of vocal and instrumental music
  • Analysis and identification of biological sounds
  • Analysis and identification of human speech
  • Evaluation and tuning of musical instruments
  • Evaluation and calibration of home audio systems